Canadian Pizza: Baked Twice

A Canadian restaurant is now selling pizzas topped with a special ingredient, and as far as the owner is concerned, his place is the only restaurant that serves it. Any guesses? It’s something that would make native Vancouverite Seth Rogen proud.

It’s marijuana. More specifically, marijuana-infused oil.

Mark Kushca Klokeid, aka THEWEEDGUY, poses with two Mega iLL pot pizzas.  Courtesy of

Mark Kushca Klokeid, aka THEWEEDGUY, poses with two Mega iLL pot pizzas.
Courtesy of

Mega iLL, located in Vancouver, charges $10 extra for this special pot-zza. Those who wish to indulge must be at least 18 years old and be prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor.

British Columbia is notorious for its more accepting views on recreational use of marijuana, which is still illegal in Canada if you weren’t aware. As Canada’s largest producer of the drug, BC tops out at growing 40 percent of the country’s weed, worth a whopping $6 billion annually.

Vancouver is also home to a number of pot-friendly coffee shops where customers can medicate freely, but marijuana pizza is a game-changer. I mean, when you start getting the munchies do you just order another? Do the munchies ever stop?!

According to employee Anthony Risling, it takes about half an hour to feel the full effect of the marijuana-oil − longer than it would if you were to smoke it. One customer says it’s worth it because it’s easier on the lungs.

CBC News-Vancouver went to the pizzeria and got the scoop on the new ingredient last week.

It has a little bit of a tangy flavor, but it’s not much different. You can’t really taste it in the pizza. – Ryan Holden, Mega iLL customer

The news station believes that this would only happen in Vancouver, and I’d have to agree.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Pizza: Baked Twice

  1. Reblogged this on Weedology and commented:
    How about getting your herbs with your munchies at the same time? And now what if the munchies was delicious pizza?

    Well in Vancouver you can do that, order pizza with marijuana infused oil. Delicious and stoney!

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