New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Fills the Hole in my Heart

If you have not heard, as of tonight, February 28, 2014, Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller and center captain Steve Ott are now playing for the St. Louis Blues. The trade was announced soon after the face-off between the Sabres and the San Jose Sharks.

I was already upset because I thought tonight would be Miller’s last home game in the First Niagara Center, but when I heard that Jhonas Enroth would be starting in goal I knew that the unthinkable happened: he was gone.

I am very passionate about the worst team in the NHL, and irrationally attached to the players. So what am I doing to fill the void left from removing the best goalie in the NHL from my favorite team? Eat Ben & Jerry’s new core flavor: That’s My Jam.

Healthy? No. Rational? Not at all. Delicious? Uhh…



Just look at it.

Classic smooth chocolate and raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chunks, separated by an inch-thick column of raspberry jam, seeds and all, that compliment the flavors ever so well.

It’s heaven in my mouth right now.

That’s My Jam is just one of four new core flavors, along with Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel, and Hazed And Confused – all on my list to try soon.

The pint doesn’t look as decadent as the photo above, but I’m not picky. It’s flavorful, not overly rich, and tastes as high-quality as we expect Ben & Jerry’s to be.

Although this taste-testing excursion was not under the best of circumstances, I regret nothing.

So as I devour one last spoonful of chocolate-raspberry goodness, I will put my sore feelings aside and temporarily adopt Blues Fanhood…and I’m not sorry one bit.

 Ryan Miller Goodbye Press Conference


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