Starbucks Spoof Sends Real Starbucks For A Loop

Let’s take a moment to remember something hilarious that happened this week. Three days ago I found a gem of an article on Buzzfeed about Dumb Starbucks, a parody establishment of the globally renowned coffee company owned by none other than Comedy Central’s Nathan Fielder (explains a lot). Those with a sense of humor, a sense of curiosity, a love/hate relationship with Starbucks, and primarily hipsters came from all over Los Angeles to feast their eyes on this instant landmark.



Although it was only a matter of time before Starbucks found out, and they weren’t too happy about it.

(Shoutout to my classmate Haleigh LaMontagne for her perfectly simple response. I think that says it all.)


Starbucks attempted to take legal action, claiming that their brand was protected by copyright and therefore could not be used in any form, although comedian Fielder claimed that the store was protected under parody law, the same law that protects “Weird Al” from being sued for his songs that clearly mock the originals. Dumb Starbucks even posted this FAQ page that explains their legality in detail, with notable humor of course.



Courtesy of Twitter: @dumbstarbucks


Starbucks’s efforts didn’t do much, however, it was announced yesterday that Dumb Starbucks was shut down by the Los Angeles County Health Department because they did not have the proper permits for operation.

I like to think that their caffeine high stumped the growth of the small business, but that’s a really bad joke.

Regardless, the question here is: who won?

Starbucks didn’t shut the shop down directly, but I guess they did get what they wanted.

Before they closed, Dumb Starbucks got major media attention, and Nathan Fielder is supposedly planning on opening another shop in Brooklyn, the hipster capital of the United States (it only seems right).

But I’m going to have to say, at the end of the day, this guy was the real winner:


Primarily because his Instagram photo was posted before the Buzzfeed article, or any other article for that matter. He even turned on his location services to check into Dumb Starbucks. Way to be first and accurate, and social media savvy too. So savvy that I’ll even forgive his username. That face looks satisfied, astounded and caffeine-fueled all at the same time.


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